This Picture Stopped Me In My Tracks

The picture on the top left hand side literally stopped me in my tracks when it popped up as my Facebook ‘memory’ from 7 years ago. I have shown friends and family this picture to simply show them how small my biceps were, and how little ass I had before I started specific weight training. Apart from the superficial stuff, this photo left me breathless for a far greater number of deeper reasons. In this [...]

Your Environment Is Everything.

I use to think my training program wasn’t getting me the results I was after, only to realise that it was where I was training, not WHAT I was training, that was broken. I use to train in your regular commercial 24hr gym. I would turn up at stupid o’clock in the morning to guarantee the one and only squat rack would be free, plug my headphones in and get stuck in to my program [...]

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