Somewhere down the line, women (and men) stopped taking compliments.

It may be because we feel we’re being polite or because we have a need to compare ourselves. Instead, we are quick to dismiss compliments because we’ve created some odd standards of how we think we should be.

We’ve all been there. We’ve compared ourselves to friends, family, colleagues, our past selves and our present selves.

We’ve not only compared ourselves to strangers, but to people who have been hand crafted to meet the standards for television and social media. I know I have.

Women typically are commented on their looks and appearances, and so you’d be forgiven for thinking that the key to true beauty lies in the bottom of a makeup bag or the clothes you dress yourself in.

The truth is, beauty is subjective and it doesn’t come from a lipstick tube or a pair of skinny jeans. Despite this, 96% of women wouldn’t use the word beautiful to describe themselves*. How f@king sad is that.

As beauty is subjective, who are you to tell someone they are wrong when they compliment you or they say you’re beautiful?

What makes you beautiful is the combination of things you can, and can’t, change yourself. It’s eternal. It’s the way your lips curl when you smile and your eyes light up when you talk about the things you’re passionate about. It’s how your mind works, and what you value.

There is beauty in everyone, and that includes you. So give someone the pleasure of being able to compliment you, and try that compliment on for size before being so quick to sideline yourself in favour of others. Who knows, one day you may just end up seeing why you’re so special 🤷🏻‍♀️

*Dove, 2015