What does success look like?

Is it how much money you have in the bank at the end of a life? Is it the awards you’ve won, the number of acronyms before your name or how much power you have over others?

For various reasons, success has been more recently a topic at the forefront of my mind. How will I know when I’m successful?….Will I ever experience ‘success’?

I came to the conclusion that success to me can be defined by how happy I am, how grateful I am and how many resources I have to give. I define resources as time, money, knowledge and physical ability.

How much time do I spend listening to others, do I have knowledge that could help them, do I remember what is important to them, could I support my family financially if need, how physically strong can I become, and what can I do with this strength?

Success to me is therefore a matter of constant growth. It is a barometer to gauge how I am tracking at any one point in time. It has no end point.

Success isn’t about what you receive, but how much can you give and the difference you can make in people’s lives as a result.