I am surrounded every day by intimidating women. These women are strong, independent and intelligent females who, if you’d called them intimidating to their face, would probably wonder what the f*^k you were talking about.

See the word ‘intimidate’ comes from the latin word intimidat – meaning ‘made timid.’

If you’re intimidating, by definition, you are seen to be making people appear timid and weak. And these women definitely aren’t on a quest to do that. In fact, they are setting standards for women everywhere without even really knowing it.

These women are ‘intimidating’ because of their scarily impressive job titles, their built physiques, their social network and their ability to work a room.

I look at my friends and I guess society is right – they are super intimidating. They are intimidating to those who feel like they have something that the rest of our society is lacking or to those who couldn’t possibly muster up the confidence to achieve similar feats.

You see if you find someone intimidating, it is simply a reflection of your own insecurities. Being intimidated is a good. If you find someone intimidating it means that they have set standards and demand a level of respect you could benefit from adopting yourself.

Becoming an intimidating female isn’t something to be fearful of, rather something you could aspire to be.

Intimidating women will constantly keep your attention. The story behind the person who slightly intimidates you is the reason you’ll develop a connection with them. The qualities that make a person intimidating are all part of their story.

These women don’t intimidate you. They intrigue you.

The woman who slightly intimidates you because you admire their character, work ethic, strength, drive, passion etc.. will keep you on your toes and inspire you to be a better person, leader, friend and partner.

These women are constantly pushing and challenging themselves. They build their own careers, make their own money and carry their own god damn bags.

They have their own group of friends who share similar qualities. They know who they are and what they want out of life.

And you know what? Despite all that – they are pretty damn ‘normal’.

These same women crush their careers by day yet if you were to be a fly on the wall for some of our chats, you would immediately wonder how the hell they get through life some days. Am I right ladies?

I am proud to say that these same women who once intimidated me, inspire the hell out of me whenever I’m around them. And for that, I thank you <3