I had the pleasure of listening to the NRL legend Sam Burgess at the recent 98 Riley St Foundation Seminar. Sam captained the South East Rabbitohs through the majority of 2017 and also had the honour to skipper England in the Rugby League World Cup Final in the same year. What stood out for me above his impressive accolades on the field, were the qualities that made him what I would consider to be an [...]

3 health and fitness trends that need to go in 2018 and alternatives that will never go out of style

Although the concept of loving your body is always in style, techniques for making the most of what you've got tend to come and go. The good news is that if a trend doesn't last, it probably wasn't sustainable (ie. safe) or effective to begin with. Here are 3 health and fitness trends that are well past their due by date and should be chucked out in 2018 and some alternatives that will never go [...]

You’re as special as people tell you that you are.

Somewhere down the line, women (and men) stopped taking compliments. It may be because we feel we're being polite or because we have a need to compare ourselves. Instead, we are quick to dismiss compliments because we've created some odd standards of how we think we should be. We've all been there. We've compared ourselves to friends, family, colleagues, our past selves and our present selves. We've not only compared ourselves to strangers, but to [...]

What does success look like?

What does success look like? Is it how much money you have in the bank at the end of a life? Is it the awards you've won, the number of acronyms before your name or how much power you have over others? For various reasons, success has been more recently a topic at the forefront of my mind. How will I know when I'm successful?....Will I ever experience 'success'? I came to the conclusion that [...]

What’s your default?

A theory that was recently shared with me dubbed the 'four burner theory' suggests that in order to be successful in a particular 'burner' of your life (meaning health, work, friends and family) you will have to turn the burners down proportionally on the other areas. And that's the harsh truth - life is full of tradeoffs. For the past 3 months, my focus has been on building my career and it wasn't until I [...]

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