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Hey! I’m Myffy.

For a number of years, my focus was on professional sports, more specifically road cycling. I competed domestically and professionally on the international circuit from 2009 until the end of the 2012.

I never planned on becoming a PT. In fact, I won a the opportunity to do my Cert III in Fitness for free by attending a fitness expo run by the Australian Institute of Fitness back in 2008. I completed the course online and would work as a fitness instructor when I was back in Australia over the summer.

It was in trying to find meaning to my training post professional sporting career that I truly developed the love and respect I have for the gym, and for my work as a coach.

I, just like a lot of others, first started at the gym because I wanted to look a certain way.

Each day after hanging up the bike, I would go to the gym and work up a sweat and exercise until my muscles fatigued because I believed that on the other side of that sweat and fatigue lay the physique I was lusting after. I joined a functional training gym, and started competing in Crossfit because I was still looking for a reason to justify my commitment to physical activity, and a reason to continue to challenge myself.

It wasn’t until 2016 when I was introduced to Gym Jones, that I started to see my training differently.

The Gym Jones philosophy states that ‘The Mind Is Primary’, meaning that everything we do is dictated by the mind. It helped me realise that I didn’t need an external competition to satisfy the need to challenge myself physically. I could challenge myself in any number of ways during my sessions, and I didn’t need to be there for hours on end to be able to do so. I just needed to decide what challenge that was going to be.

I learnt that rigorous physical training served as an ideal tool to use to help strengthen the mind and prepare it to thrive in the world outside of the gym. Pain is pain, strength is strength and courage is courage no matter in which arena it is expressed. Understanding this is crucial. Training sessions became all about seeing how much I could push myself and learn and grow each session as a result. If I can push through pain and come out the other side in a workout, if I can show strength by lifting a heavy barbell and show courage by throwing it over my head then it gives me the confidence that I can express these same qualities outside of the gym.

I still compete in a number of athletic pursuits, more recently the 2017 Australian Weightlifting Championships and AFL and a club level however competition is no longer my main motivator. I’m motivated by growth, and discovering all of the amazing things the human body is capable of achieving.

My goal is to inspire good health, resilience and a thirst for life in my community. The gym has become my vehicle to achieve this.


  • Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor
  • Cert III and IV in Fitness
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainer
  • B. Business Specialisation (Marketing)

Read more about my professional experience here.

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